Jack was surprised by two things. The fact that Howl picked him up, and the fact that Howl proceeded to carry him off. Wide eyed and leaning against the shoulder of the wizard, Jack blinked. “Hell man, you are carrying me like I am a pansy.”


Still, ever the child, Jack let his arms hand freely and whispering a soft. “Weeeee” as they moved

Howl stiffed a grunt, “Not as light as you look.” He teased, “Most pansies are not as tall as you.” He mused. Smiling at his ‘weeee’. 

"Now then. What were we getting at?"



Jack opened his arms and took a step back. “It’s all yours, pretty boy.”


Howl shook his head before taking a step to him, picking him up and putting  him over his shoulder. 

"I am pretty, now, lets go settle this."

moana-waialiki: "Focus on my voice."

"F-focus?" He murmured not quite sure of what was going on, for some reason there was to much pain. 

Anonymous: Is Jolly-Rogue bothering you?

"Bothering? No. Teasing, mayhaps."




"I don’t think you will.

"Well then, lets change your mind about me, shall we?"




"Oh it’s always been an option, I just dont think you have the guts to act on it."

"Oh really? You don’t think I would?"

Tales from Earthsea2006 Japanese theatrical poster

Tales from Earthsea
2006 Japanese theatrical poster


❝ You don’t have to say everything to be a light. Sometimes a fire built on a hill will bring interested people to your campfire. ❞

It’s summer time once again, as we had our beach trip last year, this time around we’re going camping! Tents, sleeping bags, outhouses and all. We’ll be roughing it from Sunday the third to Saturday the ninth, with more info to come on the event, so make sure to look out for that! 

  • This even will be going on within the DCRP Chatroom as well as threads. Make sure to tag everything relevant to the event under DCRP Event and DCRP Camping Trip in order for other members to be able to track your posts, and make it easier to interact with everyone in the group. If you’re going to change anything from your typical representation, please also tag it under DCRP Camping Trip before the event starts.

//online but i dont know what im doing today

so if you want to do thigns send asks or something

’ ☆Stars☆
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  ↳ Markl Appreciation for howl-the-great-wizard!


"Quack quack, mother fuckers."


Howl’s Moving Castle2004 Japanese theatrical poster

Howl’s Moving Castle
2004 Japanese theatrical poster


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